Bosch 50-piece X-Line Titanium set Accessory Set, Can be used with all brands of drills*

£29.99 Inc. VAT

  • Bosch X-Line accessory set ideally equipped to handle virtually any task:
  • High-performance DIY enthusiast set for precise, clean drilling in metal, masonry and wood, as well as high-grade screwdriver bits and nutsetters for the most commonly used screw head types. Comes with universal carpet knife.
  • Large set featuring a wide range of accessories. Suitable for all power tool brands
  • Ideal for most DIY drilling and screwdriving needs
  • Can be used with all brands of drills (excluding SDS rotary hammers)
  • Handy, durable, plastic case

50 Piece Tool Set

There are 18 screwdriver bits, 25mm in length. Bosch screwdriver bits are suitable for a number of screwdriving applications around the house, including putting up shelves, fixing handles, hanging pictures, building fences or a wooden deck. This 50 piece X –Line set includes a variety of bits for different screw heads, including Phillips, Pozidriv, Slotted screw, Torx and Internal Hexagon.

Making Drilling Easier

Virtually all drilling and screwdriving applications can be performed using the X-line sets from Bosch. The main components of the sets are drill bits for drilling in various materials and screwdriver bits for different types of screws.

The X-Line has a clear layout and easy, safe removal of the accessories. The sizes of the accessories in the set are marked inside the case, making it quick and easy to select the correct accessory. In addition, all of the pieces included are listed on the back of the set case, giving users a quick overview of the contents.


Multiple Uses

The Masonry drill bits included range from 4 to 10mm which can be used with impact drills. These drill bits have an impact resistant tungsten carbide tip which ensures a long lifetime. They are suitable for all stone applications particularly in masonry.

The magnetic universal holder enables the user to change between screwdriver bits effortlessly with a firm hold while used with a power tool.

The Countersink bit is used for applications in wood. It helps sink the screw into the work piece for a perfect finish without wearing out the screw head.

  • 11 HSS-TiN metal drill bits dia.1.5-6.5mm
  • 6 TC masonry drill bits dia.4-10mm
  • 5 wood drill bits dia.4-10mm
  • 2 flat drill bits, titanium dia.16/22mm
  • 18 screwdriver bits L=25mm
  • 1 of each:PH 1/2/2/3
  • 1 of each:PZ 1/2/2/3
  • 1 of each:SL 4/6/7
  • 1 of each:T 15/20/25
  • 1 of each:HEX 3/4/5/6
  • 3 socket wrenches 7/8/10mm
  • Adaptor for socket wrench
  • Diameter gauge
  • Magnetic universal holder
  • Countersink bit
Size Name

30 Pieces, 50 Pieces